python python Ammammagarillu Review

Ammammagarillu Review

There was a time when the joint family headed by Chalapathi Rao was an epitome of familial unity. However, the family's elder son Ravi Babu (Rao Ramesh) was always an odd man out. He never liked the unity because it was coming in the way of his material progress. On a fateful day, he happened to slap his brother-in-law (Suman), a pro-unity 'alludu'.

Since then, the family started falling apart after the death of Chalapathi Rao two days later. Seetha Maha Lakshmi (Sumithra) becomes witness to the steady deterioration of family ties. Everybody goes on to live in far away places. Rao Ramesh and Suman go on to become arch rivals.

Suman's son (Naga Shaurya as Santosh) grows up to be soft-natured. His single-minded focus is to reunite the extended family members at Ammammagarillu's house. The occasion comes when the grandma decides to divide the property equally among her children. Everyone comes to the house, after 20 years, with the sole intention of getting their own share. But Santosh is an odd man out. He is there to do everything that he can to make the money-minded relatives see that love is everything.

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