Vishwaroopam-2 movie release is under issue now....!!!

The notice was issued based on a petition filed by Pyramid Saimira against the film. It is alleged in the petition that Kamal has to pay dues to Pyramid Saimira to the tune of Rs. 7.75 crore. "If Vishwaroopam-2' is allowed a release, we won't be able to collect dues," the petition reportedly says.

How did it all begin? Years ago, a Memorandum of Understanding was clinched by Kamal's Raaj Kamal Films International with the above company to co-produce 'Marmayogi' (Tamil). The project was shelved eventually. More than Rs. 10.50 crore was paid by the company to Kamal for the project.

The High Court of Madras has on Friday issued a notice to Kamal Haasan ahead of the release of 'Vishwaroopam-2'. Kamal has to reply to the petition by August 6.

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