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PAKKAA Movie Review

Synopsis: A heart-broken girl who decides to commit suicide is saved by a person who is a look alike of the former’s lover

Pakkaa starts with ‘Dhoni’ Kumar (Vikram Prabhu) trying to save a heart-broken Nadhiya (Bindu Madhavi) from committing suicide. Nadhiya narrates her poignant tale to Kumar, who actually resembles Paandi (Vikram Prabhu in another role), her lover. After listening to the partly-convincing love story between them, Kumar assures to help her find Paandi. Meanwhile, Nadhiya finds that Kumar, too, is a heart-broken person. Upon her compulsion, Kumar, a self-confessed fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, opens up his love story with Radha (Nikki Galrani), who is a huge fan of Rajinikanth. Will Nadhiya, who has been abandoned by her family for falling in love with Paandi, be able to find him? Will Kumar be able to live his life happily thereafter?

The film has two love stories – with both of them unfolding in the first and second halves. As the one in the first half, between Paandi and Nadhiya, fails to engage the audience, the story in the second half, between Kumar and Radha, comparatively entertains, though in parts. The comedy portions handled by Sathish in the latter half of the film is the saving grace of the entire movie. Soori, who comes in quite a number of scenes in the initial portions, fails to tickle the funny bones, while Anandraj puts up a decent performance. The attempt to showcase Vikram Prabhu as a mass hero with a rural backdrop would have worked if the film had a convincing story and screenplay which the audience could connect to.

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