THOBAMA Movie Review

Debut director Mohsin Kassim has brought together the Premam team of Sharafudheen, Siju Wilson, Krishna Shankar and Shabareesh Varma inThobama. The film transports the audience into the lives of the three close friends Thommi (Sharafudheen), Balu (Siju Wilson) and Manaf (Krishna Shankar) who struggle to achieve their dreams in life and hence opt for short cuts to success. Their journey including their cute confessions and the umpteen ways they tried to succeed are filled with moments that are sure to make some audience laugh out loud.

Thommi dreams of becoming a wealthy businessman and despite his multiple attempts, the results have been the same. Meanwhile, the chubby Manaf wants to be a movie star but his inferiority complex due to his size keeps getting in the way. Balu is an MCom student, whose life is revolved around Thommi and Manaf.

The film happens in 2007 and the youths display saccharine innocence and bonding that mirrors the friendship of Nivin and his friends in Premam. Thommi joins hands with his uncle who is a crooked lottery agent to help a group of gangsters in sand mining. Later his friends also get pushed in to join the mission, with Thommi highlighting the financial benefits they would reap.

The first half delves on the friendship of the trio and later move on to showcase their ploys with gangster member Vijay (Shabareesh Varma) and his team leader named Achayan. Fate though has another plan for the three, and teach them that there is no short cut to success other than hard work.

Debutante Punya Elizabeth has nothing much to do in the film than being the love interest of Balu. Through the film, Sharafudheen proves he can handle serious roles with some sentimental scenes with as much ease as comedy.

However, the film doesn’t have a strong storyline. Instead it banks on many situational comedies. The makers could have added a few more twists and engaging segments in the plot by utilising the young cast rather than making it a rat race for a lottery ticket. The film is an average fare with a few good jokes.

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