Actor Jayam Ravi starrer Agilan Press Meet.!

Chennai 04 March 2023 Actor Jayam Ravi starrer Agilan Press Meet.!

Actor Jayam starrer “Agilan” is helmed by N. Kalyana Krishnan, who earlier directed the actor in ‘Bhoologam’. Both of them have collaborated for this film, a commercial entertainer, produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd. While the film is all set to hit screens worldwide shortly, the crew members of the film interacted with press and media fraternity about their working experience in this movie.

Producer Sundar said, “I thank press and media friends for being a great support. Agilan involved a huge journey. I thank (Jayam) Ravi sir for banking his trust on me. There were lots of challenges in materializing this film, because, the major portions were to be filmed in the backdrops of harbour areas. We had to wait for the arrival and departure of ships. However, the entire crew handled the situation carefully, and have now delivered an excellent output. The stunt team has put in lots of efforts for the film with complete involvement. There was one particular scene, when the hero had to board on a moving boat, and we all decided to go for a body double. However, Jayam Ravi sir objected it and performed it on his own. This is just one example, but he took lots of risks for many action scenes. Priya Bhavani Shankar has done a remarkable job in a cop role for this movie. Sam CS’s music doesn’t need any introduction, for it’s always phenomenal. Both the songs and BGM have come out very well. I thank the entire cast and crew for supporting me. Thank You.”

Choreographer Eswar Babu said, “I thank both director Kalyan sir and producer Sundar sir for giving this opportunity. I have explored the brilliance of Kalyan sir while working with SP Jhananathan sir. I thank producer for giving him this opportunity. Sam CS has given beautiful music for this film. The song that I am associated has come out very well, which happens to be the turning point of this film. I thank both Jayam Ravi sir and Sam CS sir. Ravi sir has lots of patience, even when flaws are committed by others. I thank Editor Ganesh sir, and cinematographer Vivek, all the assistant directors, and the entire crew for their wonderful support.”

Music Director Sam CS said, “Story premise is very important for any film, and it will completely change the intensity of the film. In this movie, the depiction of fresh and never-seen-before lifestyle and reality of port area is shown. Kalyan has done lots of research for this film. He would even suggest the ragas for composing music. I was completely unaware about it earlier. I have started learning it (ragas) now. But I love music, and am doing the best that I can deliver. The film has come out very well. Ravi sir is a good human being. He has the ability to effortlessly step into the shoes of any given character. He has delivered a mind-blowing performance in this movie. I request you all to support this movie. Thank You.”

Actress Priya Bhavani Shankar said, “the entire crew has worked a lot in shaping this film with perfection. I have no combination scenes with Tanya, but I wish her great success. Jayam Ravi has worked a lot towards enriching this entire project. The film has come out very well, and I request you all to support it.”

Actress Tanya Ravichandran said, “I thank director and the entire crew for giving this opportunity to me. I believe everyone will appreciate my character. Sam has given fabulous music for this film. Everyone will love this movie. Thank you all.”

Director Kalyan Krishnan said, “I think everyone here has spoken what I wanted to convey. The film is based on the incidents that occur in the port. So many stated that it’s going to be a new experience for all. But then, I would say that the film will be easily relatable with everyone. I have so many friends residing near the port area, and their lifestyle is as simple and normal like us. So, it will be a movie that will be easy to connect with. Jayam Ravi has elevated the intensity of the film with his performance. Usually, directors are addressed as the ‘Captain of the Ship’, but for our team, producer Sundar sir is the captain. I have seen many producers in my experience, but his support was phenomenal. The audience will realize the same after watching the film.

My entire directorial journey has always centred around Jayam Ravi sir. We have worked together from Peranmai. I wrote screenplay for Peranmai, directed his Bhoologam and now Agilan. All these movies have good message, and working with him was so immensely great. Both Priya and Tanya have performed stupendously in this movie. Chirag plays an important character in this movie. Sam CS has delivered powerful music for this film, and VFX works will be one of the finest highlights in this movie. I thank the entire crew for a wonderful support. Thank You.”

Actor Jayam Ravi said, “The appreciations of press and media have been my greatest support in my two decades of film journey. I strongly believe and desire that our bonding will continue forever. The making of Agilan involved lots of challenges and it raised lots of questions in our minds as it whether the project would materialise. And that’s when the producer extended support with complete trust. I thank the entire crew for making this happen. Bobby Master and I share a good bonding from the days of Peranmai. He has done a remarkable work for this film. Vivek is the most-loved student of P.C. Sriram sir. He is a hard worker, and is associated in my next project as well. Chirag is like my brother, and I wish him success. Priya is a Tamil speaking heroine, and she is doing her best and showing lots of progress from one film to the other. Producer Sundar sir is like m brother, and we are going to collaborate for more projects. Director Kalyan is a talented personality and hard worker. He always desires and strives to convey good message for the audiences. He will be crowned with more success. The film’s output was possible only because of a wonderful team. Sam CS has composed terrific music for this movie. Tanya is a surprise element in this movie. I hope and believe that you all will like this movie. I request you all to watch this film, and support us. Thank you.”

Technical Team.

Produced By: Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Director: N Kalyana Krishnan
Music Director: Sam CS
Cinematographer: Vivek Anand
Editor: N. Ganesh Kumar
Art Director : Vijay Murgan
Executive : A.P. Ravi
Stunt : Miracle Micheal
Lyrics : Vivek
Choreographer : Eswar Babu & Sherif
Costume Designer : Pallavi Sing
Publicity Designer – Thandora Chandru
Promotions & Strategies – Shyam Jack
Teaser Cuts – Vignesh RK
VFX : Baywood Virtual FX
PRO – Nikil Murukan