Hanu-Man Movie Press Meet!

Hanu-Man Movie Press Meet!

Chennai 06 January 2023 Produced by Primeshow Entertainment, directed by Prashant Varma and starring actor Teja Sajja, Hanu-Maan is an Indian production of the grand pan.

The story of Hanu-Maan, the first film in director Prashant Varma’s film universe, is basically set to take place in a fictional place called “Anjanatri”. This fantasy world is created in world-class fully CG.

As the film is about to hit the screens as a celebration of Pongal, the film crew is working hard to promote the film. In order to promote the Tamil version of the film, the film crew met friends from the Tamil press, media and industry in Chennai.

In this event

Producer Chaitanya said…
Advance Pongal wishes to all. At this time I would like to thank Niranjan Reddy, Azrin Reddy, Venkat Kumar Jetty and Director Prashant Verma. They could not come here due to the final work of the film. We created this artwork as an expression of our love for film. Everyone has worked hard for this film. The movie has come out great. What started as a small venture has turned into a Pan World film. This movie will be a new experience for all of you. Shakti Film Factory Sakthivelan sir releasing this movie is an added strength for us. I express my gratitude to him and give your support to the film. Thanks.

Shakti Film Factory Sakthivelan said..
Chaitanya madam did not wear sandals when leaving for the event, and so did the entire team. Everyone’s devotion to Hanuman is evident there. I have been following this film for the past one year. Even though the film has been completed, they have been working on CG for a year. They have created this work at the world level. I wanted to do this film. Happy to start this new year with this film. Fans can celebrate Pongal with Hanuman. Dear friends of the press, thank you for your support as always.

Actor Vinay said…
It was a Telugu film, my first Telugu film, and that’s how it started in a way. It started as a small film but with the blessings of Hanuman, Pan has become the biggest film in India. Everyone has worked hard for this film. The film has come out great. There are many surprises in the film. In production, Niranjan and Chaitanya have watched and done everything for the film. I have played a different role in a different costume in this film. You all will definitely like it. If Shakti Film Factory releases a movie it will be a hit movie, I am happy that they are releasing this movie. Give your support to the film

Actress Amrita Iyer said…
We started the film as a Telugu film, soon it became a pan Indian film and now it has become a pan world film. It is because of Hanuman’s blessings. My thanks to the producers who took this film to a big scale. This film will be a film that Indian cinema will be proud of. It will be a movie that fans will celebrate in theaters. The story is what happens when an ordinary boy gets the power of Hanuman, not a spiritual film, everyone likes it. Everyone from kids to adults will enjoy it. A must watch movie in theaters it will give you a new experience. Give your support

Actress Varalakshmi said…
The development of this film is amazing. When everyone tells the story, we think that the film will turn out like this, but what we never thought, the film turned out to be huge. Chaitanya Madam Prashant has given all that he asked for and has brought the film as a huge film. Prashanth and Teja have worked hard for this film, in every frame. The film will be India’s first superhero film. It will be fresh. You may have seen the trailer, but the film has a lot more to offer. This is the kind of work that can only be experienced by seeing the visuals of some films in a theatre. Thank you for supporting the film.

Actor Teja Sajja said…
There is a lot of work behind Hanuman film. It’s not a Telugu film, it looks like a direct Tamil film. We have worked hard for it. Chaitanya madam and Niranjan sir have given great support to make this film a huge success. You know the character of the film from the trailer itself. The film will surely be liked by all of you. My thanks to Shakti Film Factory for releasing this film. We have created a world called “Anjanatri” for the film which is a completely fictional story. The story is about a boy getting Hanuman’s power. Vinay, Varalakshmi, Amrita, everyone has done brilliantly. The film has come out great. In our South Indian culture, there is a custom of watching 4,5 movies for Pongal, so support our movie this Pongal. This is not a film to watch on OTT but a film to be experienced in theatres. You gave a good reception to the trailer and support the film. Thanks.

Hanu-Man Pan World will release in multiple languages ​​including Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

The film stars Amrita Iyer as the female lead opposite Teja Sajja, Vinay Roy as the villain and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar in the lead role.

Primeshow Entertainment’s K Niranjan Reddy proudly produces the film and Srimati Chaitanya presents it. Azrin Reddy is the executive producer, Venkat Kumar Jetty Line is the producer and Kushal Reddy is the associate producer.

The cinematography of this magnum opus is done by Sivendra and the music is composed by young talents Gourahari, Anudeep Dev and Krishna Saurabh. Srinagendra Dhangala has worked as the production designer. The much awaited film will hit the screens on January 12, 2024 Pongal.