Actress Keerthy Suresh launches her new skincare brand “Bhoomitra”

Chennai 25 August 2021 Actress Keerthy Suresh launches her new skincare brand “Bhoomitra”

Keerthy has been dropping hints and kept everyone guessing about her new venture

Today, actress Keerthy Suresh announced the partnership with entrepreneurs Shilpa Reddy and Kanthi Dutt to launch Bhoomitra, a wellness brand offering a line of skin care products made with clean and natural ingredients. The venture is a unique brand catering to environment-conscious consumers and aims to create a shift in consumers’ mindset towards sustainable living by appreciating and promoting the numerous benefits of using natural products.

Bhoomitra couples the ancient methods of beauty rituals with the necessities of the modern day to offer skincare products to suit every skin type. The ingredients used in the products are picked with utmost care to fit every skin and hair need. The combinations of ingredients are put together after thorough study for high performance and the best of results.

Bhoomitra’s products are clean, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, environmentally conscious decisions have been made to ensure a sustainable product life cycle.

Commenting on the venture, Keerthy said, “As a kid, I watched my grandmothers rely on natural ingredients for their beauty rituals, and that has stuck with me till date. The effectiveness of native ingredients provided my skin with holistic and long-lasting benefits. Through Bhoomitra, I wish to bring this goodness of natural skincare to everyone, with products for every skin type to rejuvenate the beauty within.”

Customers today are conscious of their own environmental footprint and are prioritizing sustainability while making choices in skincare. Bhoomitra would provide the right skin care solutions to such customer, while advocating the use of natural products among the larger population.

“Natural, sustainable and effective”, says Keerthy about the new venture