Producer – Director KR strongly condemns usage of Movie Titles to name Television Serials  

Producer – Director KR has strongly condemned the usage of Cinema Titles to name the Television serials.

We are aware that Cinema has been affected by the TV Serials. Recently, it has become a practice to use Cinema titles as their TV serial titles without the prior permission of the producer / production company.

Titles are considered a very important component of a movie. Many thoughtful days are spent in search of an appropriate title for the movie and after arriving at a few probable names to choose, a film title is finalized and registered with the respective associations.

If in case, the same title that one has chosen, has already been registered by some other producer or if a movie has already been released in the same name or if one needs that particular title for his movie, it is required to seek their written permission on requisite payments or the titles are otherwise out rightly purchased which is still in practice. A title is still considered a recognition for that movie, not alone for the producer, but for the Director as well as the artists community.  There were situations even that people got stimulated by the titles, that made them rush to the theaters.

And there were even issues only because of the movie titles. At times, Title issues have even outgrown beyond measure such that it has even stopped movie release in itself through legal means. But it is still a joke that TV serials are freely using the movie titles.

In 1991, My maiden movie ‘Eeramaana Rojave’, that I had produced and directed released on Pongal. This movie was pitted against Superstar’s ‘Dharmadurai’ besides seven other movies that got released the same day. Amidst stiff competition, ‘Eeramaana Rojave’ had a successful run spanning 125 days. It is my first movie, that gave me a good name and recognition as a new directorial talent in the Tamil Cinema industry.

But, now when I type my movie title in Google search, it is only the TV serial titled ‘Eeramaana Rojave’ that pops up at the top. It is not limited to my maiden movie. Besides Eeramaana Rojave, my other movies like ‘Irattai Roja’, ‘Poove Poochooda Vaa’ are all being used as serial titles. This is totally against professional ethics. It has become a practice these days to make use of the movie titles to name their TV serials be it my own movie titles or other producers and directors.  While they stand to gain by making use of our movie titles without even seeking our due permission which shows a complete lack of professionalism and ethical practice on their part. Indeed, it is very painful to understand that these people who cannot even choose a title for their serials, are actively involved in the production of TV serials which is absolutely condemnable.

So, as it is for the movies, if there’s a censor program for the TV serials, these kind of malpractices can be avoided. I have decided to take the required legal steps to sort out these malpractices that are  plaguing my movie titles.

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