Show Stealer Hitha!!!

California based Pop singer Hitha has kept the people in her region in a transfixed state with her musical spell. Hailing from Karnataka, the land that embraces ethnic tradition and culture through arts and music, this 14-yr old singer has proved her prowess. With her fame spreading out with acclaims, Media Works Yogendran invited her to perform a show here in Chennai.

Accepting this invite, she gave her performance through the show named ‘Inspired by Hitha’ on August 3 at Maharishi School Ground (located behind Mahendra City). Since, she is completely new to Chennai and hadn’t given any performances earlier, it left many doubting on the reception, especially for tickets based entry.

Surprisingly, the entire stadium was stormed with an unbelievable crowd more than 2000 Nos, who celebrated her musical spell. Right from the beginning of the show till the end, the audiences were equipped with huge energy, especially the kids who started dancing for her last 4 numbers. What turned to be more appealing was the entire crowd giving a 10-minute standing ovation after the final performance. With a wowing response, Hitha will be soon working with the leading music directors of Tamil and Telugu film industry.