Sunday, March 7

The Teaser of the Kannada film Bhajarangi2 was released earlier today.

This film is a sequel to the Kannada film Bhajarangi which released in 2013.

The makers of the film this time planned the sequel on a larger scale and a bigger budget.

The film however was only made to be released in the Kannada language.

But Something surprising happened, The teaser was released in a few Kannada social Media handles in the morning and the response was so amazing that social media handles all over the country picked up the teaser and started posting it.

The teaser has become viral among all the film industries in the country.

Many leading Kollywood film handles have expressed interest in seeing this film released in the Telugu dubbed version due to its scale, the visual appeal, the art direction and the background score. Many are saying this film has PAN India potential like the previous huge Kannada film KGF.

The makers are pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the response and say that they will confirm about the PAN india release after the theatres open up.