Actor Mahat Actress Aishwarya Dutta starrer Kettavanu Per Yedutha Nallavanda

Chennai : 02 December 2020

Mahat-Aishwarya Dutta starrer Kettavanu Per Yedutha Nallavanda shoot has resumed and is proceeding at brisk pace. Meanwhile, the team reveals an interesting element that will add more dose to the humorous quotients. It’s none other than Yogi Babu playing the role of Black Sparrow, a pirate in a treasure hunt. What’s going to be more rib-tickling is a bear that bounces upon the characters inside a resort. While most of them get wrecked by this dangerous creature, it does develop a soft corner towards Black Sparrow that will have more fun factors. The Mahat-Aishwarya-Yogi Babu trio along with an eye candy role by Sakshi Agarwal will leave the audiences in cinema halls indulging a laughter-riot feast. Directed by Prabhu Ram C, the announcement regarding the audio, trailer and worldwide theatrical release will be made soon.