At a time when central and state governments are struggling to contain the rapid spread of Covid-19 in India, Actress Sripriya appeals to concerned Authorities.

Her recent tweet highlighting the need to make sanitary napkins available to young women living in rural areas has attracted the attention of the state. With this measure, the monthly healthcare needs of countless women living in rural areas are solved. She expresses her gratitude to the Health Secretary for promptly responding to her tweet. In this attached video, she has shared some good ideas.

At a time when the entire population is under pressure to wash their hands, there is a serious problem with the availability of hand soap and sanitizer. And we are aware that lack of proper freight facilities has led to this serious shortage of these goods. To resolve this, the government should consider running into a contract with companies manufacturing these products and distribute them at affordable prices to the public and free of cost to the poor and downtrodden population.

This will improve the overall public health of the people and control the spread of the disease. To add, these items may as well be delivered through the Corporation employees who visit every household to monitor their health conditions. And enough care should be taken to maintain the restrooms both in Government offices and in public places in the future as well, as it is being maintained now.

She has posted these ideas on the website CHANGE.ORG as a petition.she requests support ,because signatures matter. And that is what will help these ideas capture the attention of the State.

This effort emphasizes that, the utmost importance of the health of all the fellow human beings who share this same globe because it is the personal hygiene that can improve the health of a home. And a healthy home will eventually improve the health of the nation.

The irony is that we all want change, but no one is willing to create it. Come on, let’s all come together and make a change for the better.