Saturday, September 19

I wish you should catalyze more paintings as your name says Thoorigai Kabilan – Director Cheran

Writer Thoorigai Kabilan who is the Daughter of the most famous Lyricist Kabilan, had started the digital magazine, especially for women. Director Cheran, Director Pa. Ranjith and Actress Vimala Raman have launched this magazine. Writer Thoorigai Kabilan had explained about this :Earlier I had been penning in the most prominent magazine. At the same time, had been authoring in a separate website also.I love being a woman. That’s why I had constituted this magazine which is going to concentrate more on women. But it systemized neither to enunciate feminism nor to uncloak the negative hand which befalls against women. I had initiated this magazine with the aim of flourish the positive’s of women.Women are bearing fruits in many demesnes. So this magazine is going to deal with each and every positive hand of women like their talent, their triumph, their involvement on other woman’s blockbuster etc.In a very short note, this magazine is to exalt and adore the women.

But also we have never praised that, women are consummate and men are rock-bottom. Women can’t be self-sustained without men always. Likewise men also. This is a natural fact. but our societal set up have made everything crumpled.Also, I can’t say right to all the injustice which betide to women. There are so many groups and clusters which handled these issues. Many legendry knowledgeable persons are there to address and done interrogative on these issues.

If a woman is running a roadside Dhaba for her family, she is the galvanizing face to other women. I am going to frame about them in this magazine.

Also, wherever we had recited about the women, beauty will drop-in into the topic. Women are always like to appear beautiful. But a woman from the modelling and the cinema background alone can be beautified themselves is the wrong statement which is the thought of a normal woman. To emphasize that alone, we made a concrete photoshoot for our magazine’s front page on the launching day.

Also rather verbalize the positive pages, people are always articulate about the negative pages of women. For example student Anitha’s death, child harassment etc.

To break this cliché and to make everyone to sight the women society as an aesthetic one, I am going to bestow the bunch of women’s positivity here.

This magazine was launched by Director Cheran, Director Pa. Ranjith and Actress Vimala Raman. The front page has imaged as “The Queen”. Actress Vimala Raman has featured that.

Generally, when a woman got flourish, she should take other women to get along with her success journey.

Also, we are kick-starting a new colour here. generally, when a man got a love failure, they will placard that somehow with their beard are some other activities. But a woman had no other such things to express her feeling. so we are intended to detect out the women’s sensibilities on love failure and will talk out how they are handling and come out from it. If a girl is smiling always, that doesn’t mean she is taking her loss as meaningless. So we are relying on upon uncovering the love failures of women.

Though society has been changed, still, there is discrimination on women. Women never discriminate men for their skin tone. Instead, she glorifies him with his height and dark tone. but when it comes to women, men are rejecting them based on their skin tone.

If she lost her husband at the time of her pregnancy, she somehow managed to boost her life without any assistance. Like we should focus on the woman who battled for her family, who stood for society and who initiate her business without big support.

I can’t take the fact that women had no independence. I can say that women are still lagging to trust what independency is  .Like Kamalhasan said,”Bharathi’s Puthumai pengal are getting old. There are more coming now”

Also when it comes to independency, that is not having any relativity with style, walk, food and pose of a woman. It’s all from our point of view. Also we can’t do anything with the person who is doing wrong by themselves. So each and everyone should have responsibility for their own life.

When Actress Vimala Raman shared,

I felt so glad to be a part of this “Being women“ magazine with the help of Cinematographer Magesh, I have divined like a Queen in reality. Never endured like this before. So fortuitous to work with Thoorigai,Ibrahim and Ragavan.

Thoorigai’s “Being women“will magnify each and every woman. It will lavish big provocation to the whole women society. We will see that.

Wishing to everyone behind.

When Director Pa. Ranjith stated,

Wholeheartedly I wished this digital magazine team, for unveiling the positive power of women and disclosing the success of women.

Really excited to see their work for women. It must spotlight every successful woman around. It should visualize every talented woman in society.


When Director Cheran uttered,

This “Being Women” digital magazine has been owned by Thoorigai who was born to Kabilan and named beautifully . As her name says, from today onwards she is going to paint women’s speciality. We don’t need to purchase this magazine.  Reading is very simple here.Wherever you are, you can browse this with your mobile phone.

This magazine is for women and run by a woman called thoorigai and she will address about women’s arena, achievements and their working areas here.

Thoorigai is a daughter of kabilan who is a lyricist. When we heard this name it inspires us to name someone with this word and it is so lovesome .When we spell thoorigai, it makes us speculate that it has the ability to make many paintings.Likewise, I wish this thoorigai to paint so many drawings through this magazine. Not only women but also men who want to understand more about women can read this magazine.