Friday, January 28

Identity less Transgender Community gets Government Support.

One of most struggling communities in the present day lockdown can easily be identified as the ration card less and identity card less Transgendered men and women.

To alleviate their sufferings, Special Nodal Officer on CoVid Relief and Support, Dr. J. Radhakrishnan IAS , and Shri. Meghanath Reddy IAS, Deputy Commissioner- Greater Chennai Corporation have stepped in and extended their support to the hard pressed Transgender Community in Chennai. The beneficiaries are Trans Men and Women who don’t have Ration Card or Gender Identity Cards.

Aditi Madhusudhan, along with Swetha Sudhakar from Born2Win Trust identified the beneficiaries, and have distributed the dry ration kits to around 350 members from the Transgender Community in the highly Corona affected areas like Kasimedu, Perambur, Saidapet etc.

In gratitude, Born2 Win Trust and Aditi Madhusudhan sincerely thanks Dr. J. Radhakrishnan IAS and Shri. Meghanath Reddy IAS for their valuable support in Association with Born2win Trust.