ETAKI ENTERTAINMENT ‘s Production No. 4 Project” !

Chennai 19 April 2022 ETAKI ENTERTAINMENT ‘s Production No. 4 Project” !

In the last 10 years, ETAKI Entertainment has stayed true to its goal of creating original content of an international quality, while giving opportunities to deserving talents with such creations as Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu yeppadi, Jil Jung Juk and AVAL. Today, on the happy occasion of our star Siddharth’s Birthday, we are elated to announce our next Feature Film.

Our “Production No. 4” (working title) will bring together two incredible talents. Gifted and passionate storyteller S.U.Arun Kumar (Pannaiyarum Padminiyum, Sethupathy) joins forces with the multi-talented and unique actor Siddharth to tell an important story, and hopes to create a lasting cinematic classic with a universal audience connect.

Our ambitious new venture will be a trilingual with a Theatrical Release in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. We are currently filming at break neck speed on location in Palani, Tamil Nadu, where our story is set, with the blessings of our powerful and kind deity Lord Murugan. We will be sharing exciting updates soon including Cast and Crew details, our prestigious release partnerships and our final release runway.

We seek the love and support of film lovers everywhere and can’t wait to show you this landmark picture. Thank you to our friends in the Print & Electronic media and as always we look forward to their spirited support in this journey.

ETAKI Entertainment TEAM