Actor Vijay Antony starrer ‘Kolai’ Press Meet!

Chennai 14 August 2022 Actor Vijay Antony starrer ‘Kolai’ Press Meet!

Who killed Laila? This hashtag has been trending across all the social media platforms. This tagline of Vijay Antony starrer Kolai has created more curiosity among not just the film fraternity, but among the fans as well. The movie is produced by Infiniti Film Ventures in association with Lotus Pictures. Balaji K Kumar has written and directed this movie that features Vijay Antony in the lead role. While the motion poster of this movie raised the expectations, and the trailer was launched amidst the press and media fraternity.

Producer G Dhananjayan said, “Vijay Antony sir is the main reason behind this project getting materialised. Director Balaji is a talented filmmaker. He is a master of several techniques and nuances. It was great working with him. He has made the movie with lot of dedication. He has kept the entire process of making this movie in a stealth manner. This movie will be a tribute to director Mysskin. Both cinematography and editing are the pillars of this movie. I thank the entire crew for the grand success of this movie.”

Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan said, “It was a great experience working in this movie. The movie was started with confidence during the critical juncture of COVID-19 times. The pattern of this movie will be unique that it will give a different experience while watching the second time. I thank the entire cast and crew, my assistants for the great support.”

Music Director Girrish Gopalakrishnan said, “I have listened to the script narration from director many times. He is a dedicated filmmaker and cannot think about anything other than cinema. We have tried experimenting with a new-fangled music in this movie.. It took 6 months for the process of re-recording. If not for the support of producers, this movie would have not been possible.”

Actress Meenakshi Choudary said, “This movie has been a great journey. I thank both director and producer of this film a lot for their support. Getting such a good character in this movie itself offers me joy. I am excited and curiously waiting for the film’s release.”

Actress Rithika Singh says, “I was commuted to the world of Kolai while listening to the script itself. I was curious and excited to know what could be the climax. Many prominent actors are a part of this cast, and they have delivered promising performances. Everyone has strong characterization. The movie will be a great experience for the audiences.”

Director Balaji Kumar said, “This is a moment that we waited for years. Vijay Rathinam and Vijay Antony are the main reason behind this project getting materialised. While narrating the script, Vijay Antony sir got soaked into the premise of this story. I never thought that he would accept this script, and I thank him for his gesture. My special thanks to producer Siddhartha and other producers for making this project happen. Technicians are the great pillar of this movie. The actors had blind faith in this movie and gave their best. It’s because of their earnest efforts, the movie has gained a great impact in its final output. This movie will offer a wholesome experience for the audiences that they will watch it second time as well.”

Director Milind Rao said, “There is a great expectation for this movie. The actors in this movie have delivered tremendous performances. I wish the entire team for the great success of this movie.”

Director Mysskin said, “Director Balaji is a versatile and talented filmmaker, who knows the nuances of technical aspects in the filmmaking. He gained knowledge about the movie through proper academics. The trailer of this movie is so gripping that it raises the bar of expectations over the movie. The music of this movie is extremely good. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.”

Producer Kamal Bohra said, “The postproduction work of this movie happened nearly for a year. Both myself and director after a long phase of arguments have created this movie. It will be a different and unique experience for the audiences.”

Actor Vijay Antony said, “Being a part of this movie itself gives a blissful expience. This movie is a dream and vision of director Balaji. With complete confidence i can say that Kolai will be a movie made with International standard. The producers of this movie are noon to the Tamil movie industry. They have a vast experience, and I am delighted to be working with them. Cinematographer Sivakumar had great faith in the movie and director. The music of this film is very much stunning with international standard. CG artist Ramesh Acharya’s works will be appreciated. It was great working with Rithika Singh and Meenakshi Choudary. This movie will be a great success and audiences will definitely like it.”