Friday, June 18

Sathyaraj daughter Divya Letter to the honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

FROM: Divya Sathyaraj


Tamil Nadu

TO: The Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

DATE: 08-04-2020

SUBJECT: Regarding COVID-19

Respected Sir,

A few months ago i had done a research about vitamin deficiency in government school children and discovered that 38 % of boys and 40 % of adolescent girls in corporation schools had iron deficiency anemia.I had spoken about this to the concerned government authorities and Tamil Nadu government was in the process of addressing iron deficiency anaemia through their mid day meal programme. But since schools are going to be shut indefinitely due to COVID-19,children of corporation schools will not have access to iron rich food or iron supplements provided by the mid day meal programme. I request the government to provide iron supplements free of cost to children in the lower income group. As a nutritionist i strongly believe that iron deficiency anaemia should not be taken lightly. A child with chronic iron deficiency will have poor immunity which in turn will make the child more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other issues like loss of appetite, infections and failure to grow at an expected rate. I sincerely hope you will take the necessary steps to reduce anaemia by providing iron supplements free of cost to children in the lower income group so that they have adequate immunity to resist COVID-19 and other infections.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Divya Sathyaraj