Karthik Raja is set to compose music for Rockford Entertainment’s “pisasu 2” starring Andrea Jeremiah under the direction of Director Mysskin!

Chennai :17 October 2020

Music and Mysskin films have been inseparable and have awe-inspired audiences. Music always remains as a prominent character in his movies, and this remains a substantial reason behind the songs becoming magical hits. With Pisasu 2 starring Andrea Jeremiah in the lead role, he collaborates with music director Karthik Raja, who has carved a niche of excellence with his unique and unparalleled panache. The composing session for the film has already started, which director Mysskin acclaims as an enjoyable experience.

“The legacy of Pisasu found a good reception for its musical score. When I conceptualized the premise of Pisasu 2, I wanted to make sure that it doesn’t miss the musical prominence for the film owns an emotionally-driven plot, which is better when conveyed through it. I am happy to be associated with Karthik Raja for this project. His musical scores have been immensely popular and have intensified the substance of contents in many films. We are enjoying every part of the jamming session and are looking forward to a memorable and special experience together,” says director Mysskin.

Shedding lights on Pisasu 2, Mysskin adds, “It’s nice to see the response that audiences have extended for the title look of this film. I am as much excited as them to see the final product on big screens and am into scrutinizing efforts to make sure that Pisasu 2 lives up to their expectations. I thank producer T. Muruganantham sir of Rockfort Entertainment for banking his trust on me and this script.”