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KD (a) Karuppudurai (KD engira Karuppudurai) is a Tamizh film directed by Madhumita and produced by Yoodlee Films (Saregama).

KD (a) Karuppudurai (KD engira Karuppudurai) is a Tamizh film directed by Madhumita and produced by
Yoodlee Films (Saregama). The film is scheduled for theatrical release in Nov 2019.
KD has been shot by Meyyendiran Kempuraj, Music by Karthikeya Murthy, Edited by Vijay
Venkataramanan, Additional Screenplay and Dialogues by Sabarivasan Shanmugam and Production
Design by Immanuel Jackson. KD’s lead cast are Mu.Ramasamy ayya, Nagavishal (Introduction), Yog
Japee, Badava Gopi, Gabrella Sellus, Guna.
Premiered in UKAFF (London), and since then it has screened at multiple festivals and winning awards
across the globe, KD was recently screened at SG.SAIFF (Singapore South Asian International Film
Festival) and was nominated in multiple categories (Best Actor for Mu.Ramasamy, and Best Film) and
ended up winning the prestigious Jury Award at the iconic Capitol Theatre, Singapore.
The jury consisted of festival directors and prestigious filmmakers from many countries; Director of
Hongkong International film festival Mr. Roger Garcia, Pakistani filmmaker Ms. Sabiha Sumar, Iranian
Filmmaker Mr. Rasoul Sadrameli, Srilankan actress / filmmaker Ms. Yashoda Wimaladharma, Director /
Cinematographer Mr. Rajiv Menon and Actress / Filmmaker Ms. Suhasini Maniratnam.
KD was the only Tamizh film to be nominated across multiple categories and win an award.
Karuppu Durai, an 80-year-old man, bedridden for the past three months in a coma, suddenly wakes up to
overhear his family planning to kill him by performing an ancient euthanasia ritual. Hurt, heartbroken and
afraid, Karuppudurai runs away from the only home he has ever known. On an aimless path with nowhere
to go, he accidentally meets a 8-year-old orphan Kutty. Kutty is everything Karuppudurai isn’t; smart,
spunky and full of life. The fiercely independent Kutty encourages KD to chalk out a bucket list and start
living for himself. Thus begins an eventful road trip of this unlikely pair – an old man running away from his
family and a young boy who never had one.
Note from Director:
KD has been a fantastic journey for all of us so far. As someone who was born in India but raised abroad,
I have always been perceived as an urban filmmaker, and unconsciously chosen to tell urban stories.
However, KD is different. KD is set in Virudhunagar & Thenkasi and is a rural coming of age story
between an 80-year-old man and an 8-year-old boy. We premiered in London and I received my first
award (Best Director) for this film at the awards ceremony held in BAFTA, and all I could think of was my
cast and crew who gave this film their all.
There were many screenings and many more awards since then, but Singapore is special. I did my under
graduation in Singapore, and not many people know this, but I had an accident during my college and one
of my professors challenged me that I could not complete the year. I completed the year with excellence
and came back years later to win this award. I invited him to the screening and he had tears in his eyes,
told me how much he loved the film. I realized that his challenge was meant to push me to do better.
At the festival, I had the opportunity to see many good films, including Otha Seruppu, Veyilmarangal,
Widow of Silence etc, but to realize that KD won amongst such wonderful films, makes the win even

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